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Every label is different: measurement indicators, handling instructions, decoration, labels for mattresses, textil labels for clothes and footwear, etc. Learning the properties of our products will help in your decision.

Whether you sew it or glue it.




Labels are needed in many places and have a great variety of use.
If you are looking for sew-in or sew-on labels, you should decide whether it should be one-sided or two-sided. When you design your labels please take into consideration that sewing may take away from the dimensions of the label.
The big advantage of the self-adhesive labels are that they can easily be placed on or removed without leaving a stamp.

Anything you want.



Labels of varying

By their content labels can be sort into three major groups. The brand/logo labels are represent a company, a brand itself, so the biggest emphasis is on the logo in this case.
Product care labels contain every information about the product that is to be included according to the law, for example: fabric content information, country of origin, care label information, etc. Size labels also belong to this category.
Labels with varying content (such as labels with unique thread-marks) are for the customers who need to differentiate certain products or product lines. Labels like these are printed with serial number or barcode.
These are not strict categories, however. The content of your label can be customized according to your preferences. We are ready to make your labels exactly how you want them.
Customized printed textile labels
Exactly how you imagined.

Premium quality,
fine details

In any colour

Including the

Thanks to our unique technology the motives – like the logo, different signs and texts – can be printed in every colour. The number of colours on the label is not limited and it does not affect the final price. The only exception to that is the colouration of the background. We use white materials that can be coloured to your preference, but it may cause additional costs. The quality of the printed content is always the highest: every fine detail is sharp, precise and readable: even barcodes can be scanned easily.

Extremely durable labels

5 different
synthetic materials

Standard 100

No fading
and decolourization
up to 200 Celsius

Our materials are high-quality, just like the print itself.
Whether it is high or low-temperature wash or ironing, our labels withstand everything (that are meant to be withstood by a textile product anyway.)
The materials are skin-friendly and suit every presciption regarding health and environment as proven by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 qualification.

Available materials

One-sided satin | 90 g/m2

  • the piles are thicker, the weave is loose
  • rough to the feel
  • both the matte and the shiny/glossy sides can be printed
  • this is the cheapest and also the most popular fabric

One-sided satin | 110 g/m2

  • the piles are thinner, the weave is dense
  • smooth to the feel
  • both sides can be printed

Two-sided satin

  • dense weaved
  • both sides are glossy


  • smooth to the feel
  • silicone carrier
  • refractory glue, it does not leave residue


  • its surface is smooth and velvety
  • can be applied with iron
Sizes and shapes
Small, large, square, trapezoid, circle, triangle….

Cut in every shape and size

You don’t have to restrict your design to the classic square shape, we can make labels in any size and shape. The finished product will be cut, checked, counted and packed.

Out of respect for our environment we try to minimize the waste during production. In practice that means that if the customer’s design would result in too much wasted fabric, we recommend some modifications to the dimensions of the label to make it more economic. (But as close to the original request as possible, of course.) It means only a few millimeter difference in lenght and/or width. For example: if the customer orders a 26×64 mm label, we would recommend 26.8×64.4 mm dimensions instead, in which case no fabric would be wasted at all. However, the choice is always yours of course.

Quantity and delivery time

Basic pack
the minimum quantity

delivery in
6 workdays

Every order requires preparation, and in case of minimum order amount it is the most expensive part of the production. You only have to pay this for the first time of course; and if your order is of higher quantity, the preparation itself is free of charge.

Basic pack-the minimum amount

This option is for those who need the smallest amount possible. The basic pack contains 0.33m2 of your custom label. For example, if the label’s dimensions are 25×60 mm, you will recieve 200 of them.
We can help you design your labels, but it may cause additional costs. If you already have a design of your own – that you can send us in vector-graphic format – the price of the basic pack is 2100 RSD (postage included!).

Delivery period

After making an order the labels will be delievered in 1-6 workdays, it can depend on the ordered amount and the capacity of our manufactoy. You will be informed about the exact delivery time after you made your order. We do our best to minimize the time.

Express service

Our customers can choose our express service to recieve their order in 1 day. Please contact us on telephone every time you need this service, and please take into consideration that it may cause additional costs!

Do you need more reason to choose us?

Good value
for money

Free delivery
for orders above
6000 RSD in Serbia