How to make an order? 2018-07-05T08:03:20+01:00

The process

Learn how to order


By answering the questions you can give us the sufficient information about your order.
If any kind of problem occurs we are always here to help you.


Somertimes our customers need our graphic designers to help them design their product. We are once again eager to help, but please take into consideration that this service may cause additional costs.


Considering the design and the previously answered questions we will make our price-proposal.


If the final design and price are satisfying to you, you can make your order.

Payment & Production

Since every orders is unique and customised we believe in paying in advance. We make a proforma-invoice, and after recieving the receipt of payment we begin to produce your labels, and give you the information about the delivery time.


When the product is finished we pack it with the original invoice and send it via courier.